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Hey bassoonists! Hey oboists!

Special Notice: This project is currently on hold indefinitely. I am not actively working on it, but I still welcome your feedback.

Need to measure your reeds? Dismayed at the high cost of dial indicators? Reed-making involves enough toil & trouble even without the troubles it causes your wallet. I'm designing a more affordable dial indicator for bassoon and oboe reeds.

  • Metric, English, or digital
  • Small and portable (maybe)
  • Usable for both finished bassoon and oboe reeds (hopefully!)
  • UNDER $100

The photo on the right is my current prototype. This project is currently on hold, but eventually, I hope to continue making modifications to the design based on feedback from bassoonists and oboists, explore creative ways to make manufacturing quicker and cheaper, and go into production.

I need your help!

Prototype dial indicator
Price comparison if dial indicators on the market Dial indicator prototype with reed

About me: I'm an entrepreneur and amateur bassoonist from Redlands, CA (and formerly Ann Arbor, MI). I play in the Redlands Community Orchestra and formerly played in the Dexter Community Orchestra and the Dexter Community Band. Learn more about me at my homepage.

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